DLC Chamber of Commerce Safety Certifica

Health and Safety is Our Priority

  • In 2020 we live in a new world we had never planned for but are following CDC guidelines to prepare and make sure all our staff and children are safe.  

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Temperature checks for every child when entering the building. 

  • All staff are required to do temperature checks each morning when they arrive. 

  • There is a hand sanitizing station when entering the building and in every classroom. 

  • Children and staff will be required to sanitize hands before snacks and meals.   

  • Staff is required to wear gloves when handling child food and drinks.

  • If any child shows signs of illness they will immediately be removed from the classroom to the Director's Office until a parent can pick them up.  

  • Classrooms are wiped down and disinfected daily

  • Electric Intelligent ULV Atomizer Machine is also used.  

  • Each classroom has an HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier that runs daily. 

  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID are required to stay home and get tested.

  • Anyone who is in contact with someone who tested positive is required to quarantine for 10 days.